Drawings and stitches

2D preparation for embroidery and free stitches, based on mandala and chakra symbolism. Advertisements

Yoga Art By Karmym

            Yoga Art By Karmym.

Sketchbook Collage

Pages from my sketchbook, visual investigation to prepare for 2D module workshops

Knitted Structure

The first large scale sculpture I have made was inspired by the work of Superblue and their giant public knitting nancy’s. In University Ulster our knitting tutor also loved their work and commissioned… Continue reading

TED Weekends presents: Imagination Innovation

Originally posted on TED Blog:
When Janet Echelman’s paints went missing, she didn’t let it stop her from making art for her upcoming show deadline. In this classic talk from TED2011, “Taking imagination…

December, 2012

Developing a recycled product

For a few years I have wanted to develop a woven material made from plastic bags. I have always been a collector, hating to throw anything away which I think I can give… Continue reading

Outdoor Sculpture, November

With winter fast taking hold of Belfast it’s getting harder and harder for Kate and I to motivate ourselves to go out into the freezing forest, but earlier this week we finally managed… Continue reading

RDS Knit and Stitch Show, Dublin, November 2012

My first visit to the RDS Knit and Stitch Show, a mixture of recent graduates, collectives and international artists work. I was very happy to see a lot of work along the ‘post-natural’… Continue reading

Preliminary stages of outdoor sculptures ideas

Early attempts of wrapping and weaving trees, also exploring the idea of using sails for colour impact/playing with shadow and light. Practice in preparation of creating an installation