Seeds trapped in fibres

Mix of seeds, felted samples Hopefully they will sprout Advertisements

Studio Week 10

Studio space in University of Ulster, Textile Dept. Here you can see my hand spun fibres as well as large woven samples that I have created to attempt to ‘map’ the sustainability of… Continue reading

Hand Spun Fibres

First successful hand spun fibres, they are different combinations of wool, flax and hand-extracted banana fibres. Still pondering what to do with these yarns but I am very pleased with the results from… Continue reading

Drop Spindle DIY

DIY chopstick spindle at the ready, I thought I’d try my hand at spinning. Today I spun with flax and collected banana fibre (from Botanic Gardens, Belfast) I am going to try several… Continue reading

Airplants and threads

Experimenting with plants within my pieces. Am I able integrate real plant life within my ecology inspired project? The tillandsia, air plants, are ideal as they need no soil to grow, only moisture.… Continue reading


Structure with triaxial weaves

3rd Year Studio Space: Biophilia project

Start of Final Year!

Developing concepts and theories, identifying links and the juxtaposing elements in my themes. My work this year is considering my emotional connections to the natural world while living in an urban environment, my… Continue reading

Maggie Orth talking about her colour changing weaves

  Fascinating technology, pushing the limits of craft

Memory Mandala

I have been working on this piece over the summer months, piecing it together is like making a jigsaw. Moving house encouraged me to make the most of my samples from first and… Continue reading