Material Culture

We are now entering a new epoch of design in which our materials can be grown and designed by harnessing biological technology. From vegan leather to material grown from the DNA of humans, we are facing a challenge of our perceptions of what makes wearable or otherwise usable materials.

This technology is stemmed from the drive towards sustainable lifestyles and materials which can be cultivated in safe environments, like laboratories and other design houses, so that the Earth can regenerate from the plastic material age.

This conference to be held in New York this November by Biofabricate is one of the forerunners within this design thought,

“This is a new design paradigm centered on cultivating materials with living cells…

…From yeast and bacteria to mushrooms and mammalian cells, international attendees will discover the disruptive research and companies literally growing the materials of the future. From fashion and textiles to automotive and architecture, this is an amazing opportunity to hear how biotechnology is facilitating a new material revolution. “

Tina Gorjanc is another forerunner of these designers heralding this new way of thinking about design. WGSN recently tweeted about how she is literally making leather out of Alexander McQueens DNA.

Her design concept is healing the fashion world of the misconception that using something as odd as human DNA is any less weird than our usage of animal leather. Our day to day usage of using animal material and pillaging the Earth’s resources is far more an abuse of the planet than restructuring a former design genius’s ‘skin’ to make couture designs from…

… I believe McQueen would have loved it!