TED Weekends presents: Imagination Innovation

Echelman’s work is amazing, connecting craft, the forces of nature and urban futures.
Belfast needs one of these beautiful sculptures!

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When Janet Echelman’s paints went missing, she didn’t let it stop her from making art for her upcoming show deadline. In this classic talk from TED2011, “Taking imagination seriously,” Echelman tells the story of her determination to use the materials surrounding her as inspiration. Despite numerous rejections from art school, she found that her constant creativity has helped her become an unorthodox public artist unbound by tradition.

Today’s TED Weekends on the Huffington Post highlights this talk, exploring the concept of Imagination Innovation. Below, find two essays that accompany this visionary talk on the site.

Janet Echelman: Imagination Becomes Reality

One of the most gratifying results of my TED Talk has been to see volunteers translate it into 33 languages — from Armenian and Arabic to Turkish and Vietnamese — and receive comments from people around the world about how my story is affecting their lives.


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